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"FRIENDS" is a desirable word and amazingly that`s exactly what this fantastic group of musicians has to offer. "FRIENDS" came into being in 1987 as they stepped into the European music scene! The "Band" enjoys the night club scene and have tasted success in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Australia, Finland, Slovania and Dubai.
Over the years there have been a few line-up changes, with the present set-up reaching a wide and varied audience. Back home, in Sri Lanka, their festive trips (for Christmas) are always eagerly awaited by their fans. Their concerts and dances in Colombo have always been crowd-pullers. In fact, they had one of the most successful fan clubs in the island.
An assortment of superb talent and skill, "FRIENDS" have not left their audiences still but have made them ride and soar as one enjoys the great sounds of pop, funk, latin, jazz and of course Baila, the traditional beats born out of Samba. Perhaps the saying “That’s what FRIENDS are for” would best suit these guys.
Nihar Hamid - Brühlstrasse 11, 79793 Wutöschingen - Germany
Tel. +49 7746 3578 - Fax. +49 7746 929 711
Mobile: +49 17254 16170 - Mobile (Swiss): +41 79 691 59 60
E-mail: niharfriends@web.de